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What To See In Zanzibar?

With a UNESCO World Heritage-listed capital, beautiful beaches, and a lush national park, the Tanzanian island of Zanzibar is an ideal spot for travelers who want a mix of relaxation, history, and natural discovery. The main city of Stone Town is full of historic structures and is a great place for immersing yourself in local culture. While many of the Zanzibar’s attractions are located in the city, the island is small enough to explore in its entirety—some of the best things to do in Zanzibar include visiting remote beaches, conservation areas, and spice farms.

Dolphin Tour

Dolphin point is 20 minutes away from the resort, in the Kizimkazi village. Once you spot the dolphins, you decide if you want to swim with them or look at them from the boat. In the event you don’t see any dolphin during the excursion, you have the chance to try again the next day for free. Included in the price are: beach towels, water, snorkeling equipment.

White Island

Thanks to the alternation of high and low tide, you can benefit from the beauty of White Island. A white and fine sand strip surrounded by blue water where you can stay and relax waiting for the lunch prepared by our chefs. The lunch menu will change based on the possibility given by the tide. A real temporary island. Lunch extra charge (seafood and vegetables, special needs on request)

Stone Town

Designated as a UNESCO World Heritage site in 2000, Stone Town, also known as Zanzibar City, is the cultural center of the island. The urban plan has remained the same and represents the best example of Swahili trade settlement in East Africa. From the Darajani market to the Anglican church, from the walk through the gardens to Forodhani and the shopping in Shangani, everything in this city reminds of old history. Lunch extra charge (seafood and vegetables, special needs on request)

Prison Island

At first, it was built to be home to a prison, but it was soon converted to lazaretto for patients suffering from yellow fever. Today, it has been turned into a resort and the island is home to a Seychelles giant turtles’ colony. The centenarian turtles are famous for their dimensions and their longevity. Before entering the structure, you can enjoy the beach surrounding the island and see the beautiful starfishes living there. Lunch extra charge (seafood and vegetables, special needs on request)

Spice Tour

Spice Farms are located all around Stone Town. Zanzibar is spices’ island. Over the centuries, it’s gained fame and wealth thanks to the trade of spices and became the capital city of the Oman Empire. It is really interesting to visit a spice plantation since they are very rich in the variety of fruits and spices cultivated: cloves, cinnamon, ginger, vanilla, citronella herb, saffron and strange fruits like Tope Tope.

Jozani And Mangrove’s Forest

If you love nature, Jozani Forest is perfect for you. Home to the Columbus Moneys (red monkeys), this forest gives a feeling of peace and magnificence. Its trees, such as Red Mahogany, Oil Palm, Pandanus and many others will make you walk looking up at their tops. After the visit, you will go to the Butterfly Center to admire the beautiful mangroves.